Hulett~Winstead Funeral Home
205 Bay Street
Hattiesburg, MS   39401
Phone 601-582-1571
Fax 601-582-9849
In 2010 Hulett-Winstead Funeral Home will celebrate their 100th anniversary of serving the Hattiesburg community.  In 1910, a medical doctor by the name of  Dr. J.E. Hulett decided to go into the undertaking business with a mission to provide quality service to the people of Hattiesburg.  Dr. Hulett located his business in Historic downtown Hattiesburg and offered his customers insurance services as well as funeral services.

Since 1910, Hulett-Winstead Funeral Home has developed into one of Hattiesburg's most prominent funeral service providers.  Although their line of services still includes the original funeral and insurance services, they also include full-service cremations with the addition of Hulett-Winstead cremation services, scheduled to open late summer or early fall of 2009.  Because of the growth of the business, in 1928 a new location was in order.  It took five years to complete the new building, but in 1933,  Hulett Funeral Home opened its new doors to the public at 205 Bay Street.  Still located in downtown Hattiesburg, this unique red brick building set atop a hill certainly allows Hulett-Winstead to stand out among other funeral homes in town.

Another change came in 1947 when Joe R. "Buddy" Winstead became a part of the team.  Buddy's two sons, Joe and James Winstead are still involved with the business today.  Also, Hulett-Winstead Funeral Home has added numerous other locations to their business, including chapels in Sumrall and Purvis.  However, for the people who work at Hulett-Winstead, what makes working in Hattiesburg so special is the small-town atmosphere and being able to work with people they have grown up with.  Says James Winstead, when asked about what he likes most about living and basing the business in Hattiesburg,  "it's the quality of life we have here;  I'm very fortunate to have lived here all my life."

One of the most basic and important parts of the funeral business for those working at Hulett-Winstead is serving people.  They know the importance of building strong, caring relationships with the families who come to them.  Because Hulett-Winstead Funeral Home has been such a respected business in Hattiesburg for 100 years, the employees of Hulett-Winstead know the people in town and really focus on serving them to the best of their abilities.  The intent of the Winsteads is to provide quality service to families at a time when they need it.  It's about ensuring reliable service to Hattiesburg and surrounding areas.

For the future,  Hulett-Winstead Funeral Home plans to keep providing funeral, insurance, and cremation services to the community.  They will continue to grow as their area grows, and, as always,  Hulett-Winstead Funeral Home reminds us that they have been, and always will be, "Serving South Mississippi since 1910."