Alan Jon Fikes

Alan Fikes passed away Friday, February 28th surrounded by his family. He is survived by his wife, Joyce Graham Fikes, son Andrew Fikes, three daughters Jessica Fikes Griffin (Alec), Karli Fikes Dilback (Matt) and Kristin Fikes Lagarde (Tim), nine grandchildren and brother Jeffrey Fikes. He is preceded in death by his parents, Lou and Audrey Fikes and sisters Gail Elizabeth Fikes, Jackie Fikes Pugh and Diane Fikes Bean.

Alan was a lover of lifeís simple pleasures such as fishing, Alabama football and a good cup of hot coffee at sunrise. He adored his family and was happiest when surrounded by them, telling stories on the porch and enjoying his grandchildren. He passed his love of the outdoors to his children and especially his grandchildren. He was often spotted with rod in one hand and a grandchildís hand in the other or with lizards dangling from his ears like earrings to illicit squeals and giggles. Saturdays during football season were always spent enjoying Alabama and the SEC - he taught his children the importance of a strong offensive line, that yelling at the television can absolutely make a difference and that there was always an appropriate Bear Bryant quote for any occasion. Alanís love of life and his uniqueness made him a gift to all as a father, grandfather, friend and husband. He had perfected the art of grilling, especially baby-back ribs, and he was the best teller of appropriate and inappropriate jokes. He spoke fluent Thai with a southern accent and could rebuild a car with a few simple tools and a roll of duct tape. Alan was always a humble man unless speaking of his family and their accomplishments as his family filled him with pride. If you were fortunate enough to spend any time at all in his presence you likely experienced the telling of one of his countless entertaining stories that ended with his infectious, wheezing laugh and the echoing laughter of everyone else there.  He never met a stranger and to know him was to love him.

A celebration of Alanís life will be held at his home in Sumrall, MS on March 14th from 11am-3pm.