J. V. McCrory

Born January 19, 1931
Died June 14, 2020
Husband, Father, Professor, Poet
Longtime Hattiesburg resident
Survived by sons Brian Ray McCrory and Charles Barry McCrory.
Also survived by six grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and brother, Quitman McCrory.
According to his autobiography, J.V. McCrory was born to very kind and gentle parents, Luther and Eva McCrory, near Goodman, MS on January 19, 1931. 
His parents were farmworkers, sharecroppers, who survived the best way they could during the Depression years.  They raised cotton and corn, made whisky, fished and trapped, and hunted wild game like the hill folk of that era. 
J.V. may have obtained his appreciation for literature from his father, Luther, who was a country musician, a guitar player, and good enough to play for country dances.  Luther and Eva bought land near Canton, MS during World War II, where they became prosperous and raised their two sons, sacrificing to send them to some fine schools.
Professionally and vocationally, J.V. was many things. Farmer, truck driver, soldier (during the Korean War), factory worker, professor (at William Carey for 33 years), entrepreneur and writer.
Although his resume shows a long list of activity, he liked teaching the best.  It was most compatible with writing, and offered the psychic reward of helping others think better, write better, speak better and better understand the world around them.
He was a learned man.  He used to say:  more and more I relate to Chaucer’s complaint that “life is so short and the art is so long.”